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We believe Natural Climate Solutions are vital in the fight against climate change.

Protect forests; conserve biodiversity; benefit communities - this is the motivation behind Celestial Green Ventures and the Trocano Araretama REDD Project.

Celestial Green Ventures is working in cooperation with the Municipality of Borba to implement the Trocano Araretama REDD+ Project.  The Trocano Project protects 1,346,541 hectares of rainforest that is at risk of deforestation, in the Amazonia region of Brazil.  By carrying out this avoided deforestation project  in accordance with the Natural Forest Standard, the project is able to generate carbon benefits which also have a positive impact on the communities and biodiversity within the project areas.

“To look at a forest and only see trees, is to look at an ocean and only see water”

Ciaran Kelly, Celestial Green Ventures

Trocano Project

The Trocano Project has already provided numerous benefits for the environment, biodiversity and communities, indeed the planet as a whole.  It is protecting endemic and endangered species from the threat of deforestation, and is protecting and enhancing the livelihoods, homes and living conditions of the 10,700 inhabitants of the project area.

The first Natural Capital Credits (carbon credits) were issued to the Trocano Araretama Project by the Natural Forest Standard in September 2013.  These Natural Capital Credits are voluntary carbon credits (or carbon offsets) that signify that the benefits of the project have already happened; Natural Capital Credits are never issued before the benefits have occurred.

To achieve issuance of these Natural Capital Credits from the Natural Forest Standard, the Trocano Project has to undergo a rigorous independent, third-party validation and verification process, including a full carbon audit using ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065 guidelines to assess adherence to the Natural Forest Standard requirements.