The Trocano Project protects the rights of the local communities, enabling them to benefit from the conservation of their habitat. Forest communities are at the centre of the Trocano Araretama REDD+ project – it cannot succeed without them. Communities control and deliver the REDD+ conservation effort. For this they share in the benefits such as improvements in education and health services and sustainable economic development, all of which are financed through their REDD+ activities.

For the Trocano Project to be as effective as possible, as well as ensure it is in compliance with the requirements of the Natural Forest Standard, it is vital that it provides numerous benefits to the communities within the area. 

These benefits have included building and renovating schools, community centres and healthcare clinics as well as supplying clean drinking water.  The project has also carried out repairs to bridges and steps on the banks of the Madeira River, a major tributary of the Amazon River.  Celestial Green Ventures has also bene able to provide Flood Relief funding for rebuilding homes and emergency supplies when 5,000 people were affected by the worst flooding to ever be encountered in Borba. 

The Trocano REDD Project has also supported the Fenix Karate Team through supplying equipment and funding for students to participate in competitions at national and international level. 

For Celestial Green Ventures, education is one of the main priorities of the Trocano REDD+ Project. 

Renovating community schools enables students to further their education in a clean and safe environment.  It also gives a practical benefit to the communities as a result of the Trocano Project and the Natural Capital Credits that are achieved.  The rural schools are vital lifelines to the more remote communities of the Trocano Project area.  Renovating and upgrading these schools encourages attendance from within the communities they are situated in, as well as the surrounding communities.

Celestial Green Ventures has been delighted to help a number of communities within the Trocano Project area renovate their schools and community centres.

Ciaran Kelly from Celestial Green Ventures said:

Education is so important to the people of the Trocano Araretama Project, so for us to be able to provide improved conditions for the young people to be able to learn in a clean and safe environment is an extremely rewarding achievement.  Many students have to travel by boat along the rivers of the Trocano Project area for up to 2 hours each way, just to be able to attend school. So to be able to improve their education facilities as a result of the successful implementation of the Trocano REDD Project and the resulting Natural Capital Credits is a true reflection of what can be achieved by effective carbon financing through REDD+ carbon credits projects, such as the Trocano Project.

An important part of the project activities is also educating the children of the Trocano Project area in sustainable practices and environmental issues.  This is most effective by getting them involved in hands-on activities such as tree planting. A very successful event was carried out in Axinim community with the students of the school planting some trees in their school grounds and creating flowerbeds using recycled bottles.