• Fenix Karate School

    Fenix Karate School

    The Fenix Karate School aims to use sport to promote the social development of children & teenagers in Borba. In addition to practicing Karate, the athletes also participate in workshops that discuss the importance of education in shaping the moral character of an individual. "Despite being a sport that requires contact, agility and strength, Karate is a body defence technique that does not preach violence, but mental balance," said Alciléia de Almeida, the President of Fenix Karate.

  • Generate Social Benefits

    Generate Social Benefits

    The Trocano Project protects the rights of the local communities, enabling them to benefit from the conservation of their habitat.

  • Trocano Araretama Project Updates

    Trocano Araretama Project Updates

    Celestial Green Ventures successfully achieved validation of the Trocano Project in March 2013.  Ciaran Kelly from Celestial Green Ventures said: 

    “The whole team here at Celestial Green Ventures and also the team within the Trocano Project are delighted to have achieved such a milestone.  The benefits of implementing such an important REDD project are numerous; for the people that live there, for the biodiversity, flora and fauna, but most importantly the protection of the natural forests and their important role they play in the fight against climate change as a Natural Climate Solution.”