Natural Forest Standard

Celestial Green Ventures and the Trocano Project are using the Natural Forest Standard to ensure effective project implementation of their REDD+ project and to quantify the carbon, community and biodiversity benefits of the Trocano Project. 

Celestial Green Ventures chose the Natural Forest Standard as the program framework for the Trocano Araretama REDD+ project, as it was the first voluntary carbon standard to embrace and endorse satellite imagery as an effective and efficient way of monitoring and analysing large-scale REDD+ projects.

The Natural Forest Standard is a voluntary carbon standard administered by Ecosystem Certification Organisation.   The Natural Forest Standard (NFS) was designed specifically to provide a unique and specific Standard for medium to large-scale REDD+ projects and places equal emphasis on the combined carbon, social and biodiversity benefits and values of a project. 

The Natural Forest Standard demands a rigorous independent, third-party validation and verification process, which includes a full carbon audit using ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065 guidelines to assess adherence to the Natural Forest Standard requirements.

The resulting carbon credits are only achieved following the completed verification process, and the confirmation of carbon benefits of the project. The resulting carbon credits certificates - Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) - are only issued as a result of a project being successfully validated and verified by an independent, third party organisation and the confirmation of carbon benefits of the project, in accordance with the Natural Forest Standard. 

Natural Capital Credits – the carbon credits (carbon offsets) are only issued as a result of successfully completing a rigorous independent, third party validation and verification process. Natural Capital Credits are only issued by the Natural Forest Standard.  These Natural Capital Credits are high quality voluntary carbon credits, and are the result of combined carbon, biodiversity and social benefits being brought as a result of implementing a project such as the Trocano Project according to the Natural Forest Standard requirements.

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