Satellite Monitoring

To ensure Natural Climate Solutions are managed and monitored effectively and efficiently, it demands the use of innovation and technology.

Celestial Green Ventures embraces the importance of technology in the effectiveness of environmental protection, and believes that by combining geospatial technologies with environmental protection is an important and innovative way to streamline the process of developing and implementing our projects. Ciaran Kelly, believes technology is one of the most important elements of successful and effective project monitoring for the Trocano Araretama Project:

“Utilising the technologies that are now available is invaluable and crucial to the successful monitoring and reporting for the project.  As a company, Celestial Green Ventures embraces any technology that mobilises resources to establish and maintain a truly worthwhile natural climate solution towards mitigating climate change such as the Trocano Araretama Project”

Celestial Green Ventures uses satellite data for mapping, analysing and monitoring the Trocano REDD Project area. Multiple layers of spatial and environmental data are collated from resources such as PRODES, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ESA Globcover, MODIS, RapidEye, and other source, which are then amalgamated, quantified, interrogated and compared to provide quantitative and qualitative results.

Celestial Green Ventures incorporated these innovative solutions into the foundation of the Trocano project and as a requirement of the Natural Forest Standard framework.  Given the scale of the Trocano REDD+ Project, the use of satellite monitoring and reporting significantly reduces the time and cost resources required to carry out fundamental analysis and assessments of the project area.

The maps and supporting data utilised have been approved and adopted by the NFS Natural Forest Standard, and confirmed as complying with the requirements and framework of the Standard and the associated methodology.

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