Water Quality Analysis in the Trocano Project

In partnership with INPA (National Institution of Amazonian Research), members of the Celestial Green Ventures representatives and Trocano Project team members visited five communities within the Trocano Project area to conduct water quality analysis.

Of particular interest was São Joaquim; a large community on the Upper Madeira River.  The São Joaquim community is home to 22 families and includes the Maria Borges de Almeida School which comprises approximately 71 students and 3 teachers.

Using a Dip Slides method, the main objective of this action was to identify water contamination in these communities and study efficient solutions to offer clean drinking water as well as improve their health conditions.

Samples of water from the drinking water fountain in the Maria Borges School in São Joaquim were obtained. The quality of the water was analysed and it was found to contain a moderate level of contamination, which poses a significant risk to their health on a daily basis.

Further samples of water were taken directly from the Madeira River in São Joaquim. These results indicated a high level of contamination. This water was not fit for drinking and could only be consumed by local people with prior treatment – consumption of this water directly from the source would pose a severe risk to human health.

As a result of this analysis, water purification systems have been installed in this community, with a capacity to purify 1,000 litres of water per day.  This level of output enables the provision of clean drinking water for a much wider community than just São Joaquim.  It also enables families living in nearby  Vila Isabela, and even further afield to access safe drinking water, which they can transport by boat back to their homes and families.

Ciaran Kelly from Celestial Green Ventures, said “It is extremely humbling to have the opportunity to provide such a basic human necessity as clean drinking water to residents of the Trocano Araretama Project. Our aim is to roll-out our water analysis and filtration system installation program to many more communities in the Trocano Project area.  This is one of many examples why carbon funding is vital to the successful implementation of voluntary carbon credit projects such as the Trocano Project.”

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