Celestial Green Ventures - Objectives of the Trocano Project

The Trocano Araretama Project is developed and implemented in accordance with the Natural Forest Standard, a uniquely designed risk-based standard that is focused on natural forest projects that integrate social, biodiversity and carbon benefits.  Through successful implementation of our projects, following the requirements of the NFS and with third party validation and verification certification by ISO compliant organisations, our projects will be issued with Natural Capital Credits (carbon credits).

As the proponent of the Trocano Araretama REDD Project, Celestial Green Ventures sets out the following aims:

The primary aim of the Trocano Project is to mitigate GHG emissions through avoided deforestation.  In cooperation with the Municipality of Borba, Celestial Green Ventures will protect the areas of rainforest that are at risk from deforestation.  Through the protection, conservation and monitoring of these areas, a combination of benefits will be generated within the Trocano Project as a result of these actions.

We are also able to provide protection and conservation for the biodiversity present in these areas, as a direct result of avoiding and preventing deforestation.  We also ensure that there is no net loss of biodiversity through any of our project activities or any of the projects or programs implemented as part of the project. 

These actions also includes the conservation of the natural forest ecosystem, to protect the endangered habitat of all plant and animal species present in and around the project area which are reliant on this vulnerable habitat.

The further aim of the Trocano REDD+ Project is to provide the local communities with enhanced socio-economic situations, through their involvement in the project, its activities, objectives and outcomes. Through the Celestial Green Ventures project management plan (formulated in association with Trocano Project area representatives)  the project enables the local communities to get actively involved and engaged in the project .  The Trocano Project is able to generate tangible and sustainable enhancements to their way of life, including healthcare, education and infrastructure improvements as well as providing employment opportunities and economic sustainability.