Celestial Green Ventures - Trocano Araretama Project history

Celestial Green Ventures is proud to be working in cooperation with the Municipality of Borba to implement the Trocano Araretama REDD Project to bring numerous benefits to the environment, to the native species and to the people who reside there.

Celestial Green Ventures first started working on the Trocano Project in 2011.  The project was met with much interest and engagement from the communities within the project area.  Celestial Green Ventures held numerous meetings in the City Hall, in the main Borba town, plus meetings of community leaders, who were able to relay the positive messages about the benefits of the project. Celestial Green Ventures’ Ciaran Kelly was in attendance for these meetings to ensure any questions could be fully and appropriately answered.

“The Trocano Araretama Project is very important to us, as it has many positive effects throughout the municipality, and we want this to continue for a long time.”

“We realize that the project demonstrates its significance and the positivity it generates for the environment as well as the people of Borba.”

José Maria da Silva Maia, Mayor of Borba

The Trocano Project protects a large area of rainforest in the Amazon, to help continue to deliver these benefits to the communities of Borba as well as the wider, global community.

The Trocano Araretama Project is a REDD+ project located in the Municipality of Borba, and protects 1,341,541 hectares of rainforest at risk of deforestation. Protecting this vast area of natural forest necessitates the use of satellite monitoring coupled with on-the-ground monitoring in certain plotted and identified areas, which is carried out by members of the Celestial Green Ventures team, Trocano Araretama Project participants and community members from within the project area.

Through protecting this at-risk area of natural forest, the Trocano Project also protects the abundant and vital biodiversity that is present within the project area. This biodiversity ***

The project also brings valuable and important socio-economic benefits to the 10,700 people who live within the project area. The benefits that the communities can receive include building and renovating schools and community centres, access to healthcare facilities, providing clean drinking water and renewable energy supply, flood relief and environmental education.  Members of the communities are also encouraged to take active involvement in the project activities, such as conducting environmental workshops and education, and monitoring areas identified for on-the-ground analysis. They also take an active role in assisting in the construction and installation of community centres, clean drinking water systems, energy supply and other practical tasks.  Through their involvement with the Trocano Project, its activities and objectives, the members of the communities obtain a sense of ownership of the project and take additional pride in protecting their surroundings.