The Trocano Araretama Project is a REDD+ project situated in the Municipality of Borba in the Amazonas State of Brazil.  The Trocano REDD Project covers an area of 1,346,541 hectares and is implemented in cooperation between Celestial Green Ventures and the Municipality of Borba.   . The project area contains significant amounts of natural rainforest, which is under high threat of encroachment of extensive deforestation from surrounding areas.


Within the Trocano Araretama project area there are around 10,700 people and as is the case in many areas of the Amazon, there is a lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, sanitation and electricity.


The main objectives of the Trocano Araretama Project are to avoid the deforestation of its natural forests whilst ensuring social and economic benefits to the inhabitants, for their co-operation and participation in maintaining the Trocano Project, its activities and helping to keep the forest in its natural state. 


To achieve this, the project carried out the following actions:


  • Held numerous workshops to communicate the benefits of participation in the project.
  • Made regular visits to all communities as part of the on-the-ground monitoring activities of the project.
  • Held community liaison meetings whilst visiting the communities, to listen to concerns and ideas from the community members and gathered details of their immediate and long-term requirements and expectations of the project benefits.
  • Provided financial aid during the recent extreme flooding.
  • Joined with INPA to develop a roll-out programme of providing clean drinking water
  • Designed a solar photovoltaic system, specific to the conditions prevalent in the project area, and in such a manner for the inhabitants themselves (following appropriate training) to be able to install and maintain a safe supply of renewable energy.
  • Opened a fully-manned project office in the seat of the Municipality, which helps and advises inhabitants on social issues and in co-operation with IDAM, educates on issues such as sustainable farming methods and waste management.
  • Held regular open/public meetings with the Municipal Council of Borba to report and discuss project implementation.
  • Financially supported many of the local organisations, especially those working with young people.


Celestial Green Ventures’ very own Ciaran Kelly visited the Trocano Project many times, and was amazed at the respectfulness of the communities living within the project area.

Ciaran Kelly from Celestial Green Ventures remembers:  “The children are brought up to be very respectful of their homes.  One boy, probably aged around 10 came back home from school (which is a 2-hour boat journey each way) and before he entered his home he removed his shoes and left them on the steps outside.  His home is a wooden-built hut on stilts, to help protect against the floods and high water seasons, and still would not have even considered entering with his shoes on.”